Your hair, skin & body type are one of a kind!

Many factors contribute to how your assets look, feel, grow & change throughout your lifetime, such as:

Genetics, hormones, age, health, medications/vitamins taken, stress levels, mental & physical wellness, diet, lifestyle, environment, personal maintenance, product use & past services.


Because you're so unique, it only makes sense that your service plan & pricing is personalized to match

Your service price is based on:

1. The current situation of your hair/skin/body part 

(Hair-The density, length, color, texture & condition| Skin/Body- Appearance & texture

2. Your desired result or "goal look" 

3. The amount of time, work & product that will be required to achieve your desired result or to get closer to your desired result, because some results can't be achieved in 1 session


During your consult, you & your stylist will discuss all your options based on the factors listed above, as well as:

1. Realistic expectations

(you can't always get what you want; breakdown of the reasons why)

2. Hair Color matching (what will look best w/ your eye color, skin color & undertone) 

3. The process 

4. Maintenance Plan (pre-booking future appts, recommended products to use at home)

5. Your $$ budget (Price quotes for service options, price quotes for future main tenance services)

6. Addressing any questions/concerns/challenges you may have

Dermal fillers, are injectable treatments that are used to fill wrinkles, enhance lips and restore volume or contour loss. There are 4 types of dermal fillers, based on hyaluronic acid, Poly-L-Latic Acid, Calcium Hydroxylapatite or Polymethylmathacrylate PMMA. Each type of filler can be used for a different purpose and in a different area of the face